SmartGrid Innovation Park

KCP&L SmartGrid Innovation Park

The KCP&L SmartGrid Innovation Park is an educational experience for the whole family located at 4724 Tracy Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The park is a place where guests can explore and learn more about KCP&L SmartGrid and how it’s transforming our community.

This revitalized urban park contains a walking path and sitting plaza that surrounds a large, sophisticated lithium ion battery and a solar panel array—both structures help the grid meet the energy needs of KCP&L customers who live and work within the SmartGrid Demonstration Area. It also houses a convenient electric vehicle charging station. An informative kiosk at the park provides visitors with information to help them Get Smarter about the future of energy.

The KCP&L SmartGrid Innovation Park is open 7 days a week and admission is free. Get Smarter with every visit!

In addition, check out photos and the press release from the SmartGrid Innovation Park ribbon cutting event.


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