You're in control. MySmart Thermostat

MySmart Thermostat

MySmart Thermostat is a free programmable thermostat that works with your heating and cooling systems to raise or lower temperatures in your home on a set schedule. Programmable thermostats are proven to be one of the most effective ways to save money on electricity.

MySmart Thermostat allows you to manage the temperature in your home based on your personal schedule and preferences. For example, you can set MySmart Thermostat to raise the household temperature each day after you leave for work and to lower the temperature before you arrive home. You can also program your thermostat to adjust for longer periods of time, such as when you are traveling.

MySmart Thermostat allows you to stay comfortable at home while making small changes that can save you energy and money on your monthly energy bills!

This product also offers you the opportunity to partner with KCP&L by participating in demand response events. Learn more about demand response events.

MySmart Products and Services

  • MySmart Portal

    MySmart Portal

    Online tool that helps customers understand the impact of their electricity use and encourages them to make decisions that conserve energy and help the environment.

  • MySmart Display

    MySmart Display

    In-home display that provides real-time information that increases awareness of electricity use and identifies opportunities to reduce consumption and save money.

  • MySmart Thermostat

    MySmart Thermostat

    Thermostat that can program temperatures based on season, resulting in up to 20 percent savings in heating and cooling bills.

  • MySmart Home

    MySmart Home

    Internet-based home area network (HAN) that allows you to remotely manage appliances and electronics.

  • Time of Use Rates

    Time of Use Rates

    Program that allows customers to better manage their electricity by shifting electricity consumption to off-peak times, while providing KCP&L information about customer behavior.