You're in control. Time of Use Rates

Time of Use Rates

KCP&L's SmartGrid Demonstration project is offering Demonstration Area residents another exciting opportunity to Get Smarter about energy usage with the option to take advantage of Time of Use rates.

KCP&L's Time of Use rate pilot program allows customers to better manage their electricity costs while providing KCP&L information about customer behavior. The program designates "off peak" hours (when rates are discounted from standard) and "peak" hours (when rates are above standard). Time of Use rates are designed to encourage customers to think about when they use electricity rather than just how much electricity they use, ultimately shifting electricity usage (grid load) from peak to off-peak periods.

Time of Use rates are available to any KCP&L customer who lives within the SmartGrid Demonstration Area, is currently on a standard residential rate and has a MySmart Meter.

Time of Use rates are only active during summer months (May 16 - September 15). During that time peak hours (when rates are raised to about $.38/kWh) apply on non-holiday* weekdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. All other days and times during the summer months are designated as off-peak hours (when rates are discounted to about $.06/kWh). See the Time of Use schedule below.

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*Time of Use Rate peak hours do not apply on Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day.

To learn more about Time of Use rates or to enroll in the program, call the KCP&L SmartGrid Support Team at (800) 535-7687.

MySmart Products and Services

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    MySmart Portal

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  • MySmart Display

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  • MySmart Home

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  • Time of Use Rates

    Time of Use Rates

    Program that allows customers to better manage their electricity by shifting electricity consumption to off-peak times, while providing KCP&L information about customer behavior.